On safety from the mass

The problem with people is not that they are highly likely to subscribe to a mediocre perception of the human predicament. More importantly, and arguably more suffocatingly, the average person is a hazard because she has in her arsenal an army of like-minded bipeds. Fortunately, that is exactly where a glimmer of hope can be spotted.

Safety from the mass can be achieved without having to resort to a blanket avoidance of people, an approach that will turn one’s life into an arid landscape. A more intelligent approach is to become alert when one’s circle of companions slips into an orgy of concordance that is built around distaste for deep thought and honest analysis of societal norms.

Man is worthy of companionship strictly when she possesses the higher faculties that distinguish it from the beast. Proximity to one individual who lacks that distinction is a hazard. Allowing a herd of such persons into one’s life is complete travesty.

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