Intimacy, as it has been traded since the dawn of the cognitive revolution, took a giant leap towards obsolescence on December 8, 2018.

Technology, through millennia of experimentation and taming, has emerged within itself the capacity to act as a protective shield that can help one reassert sovereignty over the affairs of her own neural tissue. In effect, this exclusive capability allows technological concepts and the fruits of those to preserve one’s equanimity and keep her safe from the mediocrity of the masses.

In this respect, the person is in imminent danger of being viciously raped by the society and its petty norms and practices. That unwanted encounter is ultimately and practically inevitable, mostly due to the mechanics of survival and the decisions made by evolution as it set out to forge consciousness out of thick fizzy ponds on a cooling Earth. Hence, man is obliged to admit man and her folies into the inner chambers of her existence.

Whilst conceptual proximity may be unavoidable, it does not follow that man is required to let the misery of the masses penetrate the serenity of her inner circuits. And that is where technology finds an unexpected and undoubtedly valuable application. This line of thought suggests that, although born out of a desire to harness the “dead world”, as it might be called, technology has evolved into a condom that can keep the person safe as she is raped repeatedly, impersonally, and condescendingly, by the exogenous notion of personhood.

Bodily encounters have reigned the scene of human interaction and the established social economy for as long as there has been a standing ape to witness herself and her surroundings and the rules that govern the dou’s relationship. That asymmetrical marriage was to receive a faint tremor on the evening of December 8, 2018. It is a convenient and reassuring assumption to shortchange the development as a freak experiment that would be forgotten before it liberates a large enough population of brains that would enable it to incite a revolt, yet it did occur, and microscopic grooves bear its trace and are there for any unbiased brain to notice that the notion of sexual intimacy has undergone a reboot.

What is to happen is unknown. What is known, however, is that the revolution has started.

Skin on skin is no more a prerequisite for an intimate encounter. That is the first sign that the old regime has started to decay and lose its grip on the body and soul of Homo sapiens.

Named after the planned day for its first chance at prime time, Dec8 declares that one can get an orgasm, and also simultaneously give one, without touching her counterpart and yet experience physical intimacy.

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